West High Opens Outdoor Season With Team Title at Women of Troy Relays


Peyton Steva leads the field across the final hurdle of the 100 meter race.

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Jeff Yoder

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IOWA CITY – The conditions for Wednesday’s meet didn’t live up to the forecast of warmer temperatures and sun, but the West High girls still met expectations with a first-place finish in the first outdoor meet of the season.

“I think they did pretty well,” West High coach Mike Parker said. “We feel very fortunate to just get an outdoor meet in.”

Chandler Haight led the Women of Troy with a pair of first-place finishes in the shot put (42-11) and discus (107-09).

West High scored 40 of 164 team points in the field events, including a top finish from Katie Severt in the long jump (16-07)

Deniz Ince finished 14 seconds ahead of the field in the 800 meter run in 2:23 and Bailey Nock took first in the 3,000 meter with a time of 10:56.

“We had a fair amount of lifetime bests today,” Parker said.

“Our stars… they were stars. They won the events that we would expect them to win and we’ve got to get our new people up to that level of expectation.”


Parker has high hopes for the season, and he’s counting on a large freshman class to step into some key roles quickly.

“We have the biggest freshman team that we’ve had in my 23 years at West,” he said.

“I’m proud of them, but we need them. They don’t have normal learning pace that we would have in a normal year.

“We got second at state last year and we return a lot of people and we want our freshmen to fill in some of those places where we lost people last year. They’re talented enough to do it, we just have to get their level of expectation there.”


Freshman Erica Buettner picked up two second-place finishes for West in the 1,500 meter (5:17) and the 3,000 meter run (11:01).

“We have lot of people who are probably better than their performance so far because they just don’t have the confidence quite yet to compete at the varsity level. 

Chandler (Haight) is someone who can say, ‘I was winning meets as a ninth grader, you don’t have to wait until you’re a senior, you just have to have that level of expectation. I want to win now.’”

City High finished third with 129 points and got individual titles from freshmen Ayana Lindsey in the 400 (1:03.33) and Alia Vanderhoef in the high jump (5-1) and sophomore Caroline Schaeckenbach in the 400 hurdles (1:10).

The Little Hawks added a first-place finish in the 4x400 relay as Sydney DePrenger, CeCe Kelly-Harvey, Kinsee Brands and Tiara Green won in a time of 4:17.06.

IC West Women of Troy Relays

Team scores – 1. West High 164; 2. Cedar Rapids Prairie 139; 3. City High 129; 4. Waverly-Shell Rock 88; 5. Mason City 53

Individual Results

(Event Winner, Area Placewinners)

100 – 1. Raenice Hilderbrand (CRP) 13.27; 2.  Katie Severt (ICW) 13.37; 5. Matayia Tellis (ICW) 13.85

200 – 1. Kirstin Skriver (CRP) 26.87; 3. Katie Severt (ICW) 27.90; 4. Emma Clark (ICH) 28.21; 5. Matayia Tellis (ICW) 29.06

400 – 1. Ayana Lindsey (ICH) 1:03.33; 5. Tionna Slater (ICW) 1:09.85; 6. Isabel Jones (ICH) 1:10.33

800 – 1. Deniz Ince (ICW) 2:23.84; 4. Lillian Reynolds (ICH) 2:38.68; 5. Janie Perril (ICH) 2:42.54

1,500 – 1. Emma Davison (MC) 5:03.07; 2. Erica Buettner (ICW) 5:17.49; 4. Esti Brady (ICH) 5:24.77; 5. Anna Lindower (ICH) 5:29.27

3,000 – 1. Bailey Nock (ICW) 10:56.68; 2. Erica Buettner (ICW) 11:01.26; 4. Amelia Morrow (ICH) 11:28.58; 5. Julia Velt (ICH) 11:58.60

100 hurdles – 1. Peyton Steva (ICW) 17.21; 2. Kia Noibi (ICW) 17.72; 3. Kate Swenning (ICH) 17.98

400 hurdles – 1. Caroline Schaeckenbach (ICH) 1:10.00; 2. Jae Dancer (ICH) 1:14.68; 5. Leah Elliott (ICW) 1:23.65

Discus – 1. Chandler Haight (ICW) 107-09; 6. Salima Omari (ICW) 82-07

High Jump – 1. Alia Vanderhoef (ICH) 5-01; 5. Kate Swenning (ICH) 4-08; 6. Kaitlin Lamkins (ICW) 4-04

Long Jump – 1. Katie Severt (ICW) 16-07; 2. Ayana Lindsey (ICH) 16-00

Shot Put – 1. Chandler Haight (ICW) 42-11; 2. Salima Omari (ICW) 37-02

4x100 – 1. Cedar Rapids Prairie 52.17 2. City High (Emma Clark, Azzura Sartini-Rideout, Ayana Lindsey, Emma Cooper) 52.82 3. West High (Peyton Steva, Kia Noibi, Katie Severt, Matayia Tellis) 53.33

4x200 – 1. Cedar Rapids Prairie 1:50.31; 2. City High (Tiara Green, Sydney DePrenger, Emma Cooper, Azzura Sartini-Rideout) 1:52.94; 3. West High (Isyss Shaw, Mia Dillingham, Kaitlin Lamkins, Doroteya Kiza) 1:59.78

4x400 – 1. City High (Sydney DePrenger, CeCe Kelly-Harvey, Kinsee Brands, Tiara Green) 4:17.06 3. West High (Kiara Malloy-Salgado, Claire Ronnebaum, Deniz Ince, Isyss Shaw) 4:22.41

4x800 – 1. West High (Kiara Malloy-Salgado, Claire Ronnebaum, Catherine Hoefer, Deniz Ince) 10:04.58; 3. City High (Cece Kelly-Harvey, Kinsee Brands, Anna Lindower, Annalise Rummelhart) 10:18.65

Shuttle Hurdle 1. West High (Kia Noibi, Leah Elliot, Amy Liao, Peyton Steva) 1:13.18; 3. City High (Kate Swenning, Lilliam Reynolds, Jae Dancer, Caroline Schaeckenbach) 1:15.33

Sprint Medley 1. Cedar Rapids Prairie 1:54.02; 2. City High (Tiara Green, Caroline Schaeckenbach, Sydney DePrenger, Emma Clark) 1:59.08; 3. West High (Mia Dillingham, Kaitlin Lamkins, Favour Alarape, Usyss Shaw) 2:02.98

Distance Medley – 1. Mason City 4:30.86; 3. City High (Sydney Fellows, Jordan Sekafetz, Gabrielle Cook, Aly Hecker) 4:47.18; 4. West High (Mary Woodward, Favour Alarape, Kaisa Whittaker, Emma Kearney) 4:57.10

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