Tennis Roundup: West High, City High Win Season Openers


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West High opened the season with a 7-2 win over Cedar Rapids Xavier in a Mississippi Valley Conference meet in Cedar Rapids.

Emma Koch, Audrey Koch, Jessica Moonjely and Vivian Mitchell all earned wins in both singles and doubles for West High.

West High 7, Cedar Rapids Xavier 2


1. Emma Koch (ICW) def. Nina Marquardt 10-0

2. Audrey Koch (ICW) def. Emily Jasper 10-2

3. Jessica Moonjely (ICW) def. Maddie Abu-Nameh 10-1

4. Vivian Mitchell (ICW) def. Sarah Schirm 10-2

5. Caroline Chandler (ICW) def. Sarah Abu-Nameh 11-9

6. Miyako Coffey (CRX) def. Meg Moreland 10-5


1. Koch/Koch (ICW) def. Marquardt/Jasper 10-4

2. Moonjely/Mitchell (ICW) def. Abu-Nameh/Abu-Nameh 10-5

3. Schirum/Coffey (CRX) def. Moreland/Chandler 10-4

City High Opens Season With Win

City High defeated Cedar Rapids Jefferson in its season opener on Wednesday in Iowa City.

Bihotza James Lejarcegui, Caroline Carter, Kelsey Law, Mary Liebig and Irene Samuelson all won singles matches for the Little Hawks in the win.

City High 7, Cedar Rapids Jefferson 2


1. Bihotza James Lejarcegui (ICH) def. Maddie Slagle 10-2

2. Emma Lassen (CRJ) def. Abigail McCormick 10-6

3. Caroline Carter (ICH) def. Raquel Wilhelm 10-7

4. Kelsey Law (ICH) def. Caroline Winter 10-8

5. Mary Liebig (ICH) def. Annie Harms 11-10

6. Irene Samuelson (ICH) def. Bailey Vifian 10-4


1. James Lejarcegui/McCormick (ICH) def. Slagle/Lassen 10-2

2. Carter/Law (ICH) def. Wilhelmina/Winter 10-3

3. Clemen/Vifian (CRJ) def. Liebig/Reineke 11-10