Tennis Roundup: City High, West High Girls Pick up MVC Wins


Photo by Jeff Yoder

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Class 2A Second-ranked Linn-Mar defeated City High 9-0 in a Mississippi Valley Conference dual meet on Tuesday in Iowa City.

Defending 2A runner-up Linn-Mar improved to 3-0 on the season while City High dropped to 3-3.

City High returns to action on Thursday hosting fifth-ranked Pleasant Valley.

Linn-Mar 9, City High 0


1.  Luke VanDonslear (LM) def. Diego Paciotto-Biggers 6-0,6-1

2.  Ben Hediger (LM) def. Mickale Sadecky 6-1,6-1 

3.  Lucas Huffman (LM) def. Miles Morriw 6-0,6-0 

4.  Zach Glanz (LM) def. Victor Kalil 6-1,6-0 

5.  Jack Gertsen (LM) def. Billy Samuelson 6-0,6-2 

6.  Jackson Eells (LM) def. Kahleb Fallon 6-0,6-0 


1. Hediger/Huffman (LM) def. Paciotto-Biggars/Sam Bloom 6-0,6-1 

2. VanDonslear/Michael Mattes (LM) def. Sadecky/Morrow 6-0,6-4 

3. Daniel Lowe/Kartik Sivakumar (LM) def. Samuelson/Fallon 6-4,6-0


West High Rolls Past Waterloo East

West High remained unbeaten on the season with a 9-0 win over Waterloo East on Tuesday in Waterloo.

The Women of Troy won all six singles matches 10-0 while improving to 2-0 on the season.

West High 9, Waterloo East 0


1. Emma Koch (ICW) def. Ashley Woods 10-0

2. Jessica Moonjely (ICW) def. Noely Sibrian 10-0

3. Vivian Mitchell (ICW) def. Elvina Ibricic 10-0

4. Caroline Chandler (ICW) def. Erin McCoy 10-0

5.Natalie Katz (ICW) def. Kaytlen Johnson 10-0

6. Morgan Hawkins (ICW) def. Alanni Baskerville 10-0


1. Moonjely/Mitchell (ICW) def. Woods/Sibrian 10-1

2. Audrey Koch/Chandler (ICW) def. Ibricic/McCoy 10-0

3. Katz/Hawkins (ICW) def. Johnson/Baskerville 10-0

City High Downs Linn-Mar

City High defeated Linn-Mar 7-2 on Tuesday in a Mississippi Valley Conference matchup in Marion.

City High led 4-2 after singles play and won all three doubles matches while improving to 2-0 on the season.

Caroline Carter, Kelsey Law, Mary Liebig and Irene Samuelson all picked up wins for City High in singles play.

City High 7, Linn-Mar 2


1. Whitney Guthrie (LM) def. Abbey McCormick 10-0

2. Caroline Carter (ICH) def. Piper Boysen 10-8

3.Kelsey Law (ICH) def. Taylor Hann 10-2

4. Mary Liebig (ICH) def. Emily Wolfe 10-5

5. Irene Samuelson (ICH) def. Haley Kleyman 10-8

6. Cassie Smith (LM) def. Jamieson Reineke 10-7


1. Carter/Law (ICH) def. Guthrie/Smith 10-4

2. McCormick/Liebig (ICH) def. Hann/Kleyman 10-6

3. Samuelson/Reineke (ICH) def. Wolfe/Pincknui 10-4