Tennis Roundup: City High Falls to No. 5 Pleasant Valley


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City High fell to Class 2A fifth-ranked Pleasant Valley 9-0 in a non-conference matchup on Thursday in Iowa City.

City High dropped to 3-4 with its second straight loss to a top-five team.

Pleasant Valley 9, City High 0


1.  Justin Sehlin (PV) def. Mickale Sadecky 6-0,6-0 

2.  Nathan Wong (PV) def. Diego Paciotto-Biggers 6-1,6-0 

3.  Muneeb Nadeem (PV) def. Miles Morrow 6-0,6-2 

4.  Kieran Marla (PV) def. Victor Kalil 6-0,6-0 

5. Mark Kessler (PV) def. Billy Samuelson 6-0,6-0 

6. Kyle Sehlin (PV) def. Kahleb Fallon 6-2,6-0 


1.  Wong-Nadeem (PV) def. Sadecky/Morrow 6-0,6-2 

2.  Sehlin-Sehlin (PV) def. Kalil/Paciotto-Biggars 6-1,6-2 

3.  Marla-Kessler (PV) def. Fallon/Samuelson 6-0,6-3