Relay Teams Shine For City High at 4A State Qualifier


Photo by Jeff Yoder

Ryan Murken

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IOWA CITY – Over the past few seasons Emma Cooper and her City High relay teammates have spent some quite a few uneasy nights on the state meet and Drake Relays bubble.

Cooper could sleep a little bit easier on Thursday.

City High blazed to a title in the 4x100 relay and turned in automatic qualifying performances in three other relays on Thursday at the Class 4A state qualifying meet at Raffensperger Track and City High.

“It’s definitely nice to know that we are in,” Cooper said. “We’ve been working on handoffs a lot lately so just getting those down really helped. Tonight was perfect weather, you couldn’t ask for a better night and it all came together.”

City High finished in the top three in all seven relays on Thursday, clocking a season-best time in six, while finishing runner-up to West High in the team standings with 105 points.

Cooper was a part of three of the Little Hawks automatic qualifying relay teams.

The junior helped City High to runner-up finishes in the 4x200 and distance medley and anchored the City High 4x100 team to a title in 49.75 by holding off Cedar Rapids Prairie junior Madeline Andorf at the finish line.

Cooper was also a part of the City High sprint medley team that placed third in a season-best time of 1:50.13 and is a solid candidate to reach state as an additional qualifier.

“I think we really put everything together starting off with the sprint medley,” Cooper said. “We really had some solid relays and all of our open events were really good so going into the 4x100 we had a lot of confidence.”

Cooper teamed with Emma Clark, Azzura Sartini-Rideout and Ayana Lindsey to take more than a second off their previous best time in the 4x100.

The foursome clocked a 50.83 last month at Waukee but cut more than a second off that time on Thursday to give the Little Hawks their only relay title.

Cooper, Clark, Lindsey and Sydney DePrenger were second in the 4x200 in a season-best time of 1:46.66.

She ran the leadoff 200-meter leg on the City High distance medley team that took more than 14 seconds off its previous best time while finishing second to West High in 4:16.59.

Ella Cook, Tiara Green and CeCe Kelly-Harvey handled the final three legs of the distance medley team.  

“It definitely feels good,” Cooper said. “This year we have been working a lot harder and each meet we perform even better so going into this meet we knew what we were capable of it and it wasn’t necessarily an expectation but we knew we could do it and that feels good.

Caroline Schaeckenbach won the lone individual title for City High, claiming the 400 hurdle crown in 1:05.64.

Schaeckenbach ran the anchor leg on the City High shuttle hurdle team that finished runner-up in a season-best time of 1:07.04.

Class 4A State Qualifier

At City High

Team scores – 1. West High 171; 2. City High 105; 3. Cedar Rapids Prairie 95; 4. Dubuque Senior 93; 5. Dubuque Hempstead 84; 6. Western Dubuque 68; 7. Ottumwa 67; 8. Burlington 56

Individual Results

(Automatic State Qualifiers; Area Placewinners)

100 – 1. Janyla Hoskins (DH) 12.36; 2. Stevie Lambe (DS) 12.38; 5. Emma Clark (ICH) 12.87

200 – 1. Stevie Lambe (DS) 25.75; 2. Kirstin Skriver (CRP) 26.33; 4. Isyss Shaw (ICW) 26.88; 8. Matayia Tellis (ICW) 27.42

400 – 1. Stevie Lambe (DS) 58.51; 2. Grace Bookin-Nosbisch (OTT) 59.62; 7. Erica Buettner (ICW) 1:05.27; 8. Jordan DuBrava (ICH) 1:06.06

800 – 1. Allison Bookin-Nosbisch (OTT) 2:16.28; 2. Deniz Ince (ICW) 2:17.65; 4. Bailey Nock (ICW) 2:20.39; 8. Aly Hecker (ICH) 2:33.61

1,500 – 1. Bailey Nock (ICW) 4:55.37; 2. Deniz Ince (ICW) 4:57.98; 7. Anna Lindower (ICH) 5:18.6

3,000 – 1. Deniz Ince (ICW) 10:39.49; 2. Claire Edmondson (DS) 10:39.52; 3. Bailey Nock (ICW) 10:39.55; 6. Amelia Morrow (ICH) 11:07.41; 8. Esti Brady (ICH) 11:22.27

100 hurdles – 1. Elayna Bahl (WD) 15.18; 2. Kitra Bell (ICW) 15.37; 3. Peyton Steva (ICW) 15.48; 4. Caroline Schaeckenbach (ICH) 15.78; 5. Jordan Sekafetz (ICH) 16.44

400 hurdles – 1. Caroline Schaeckenbach (ICH) 1:05.64; 2. Kiara Malloy-Salgado (ICW) 1:08.43; 3. Lillian Reynolds (ICH) 1:09.79

Sprint medley relay – 1. Burlington 1:47.98; 2. Cedar Rapids Prairie 1:49.75; 3. City High (Emma Clark, Emma Cooper, Tiara Green, Ayana Lindsey) 1:50.13; 6. West High (Matayia Tellis, Katie Severt, Isyss Shaw, Claire Ronnebaum) 1:59.63

Distance medley relay – 1. West High (Katie Severt, Isyss Shaw, Kitra Bell, Deniz Ince) 4:10.18; 2. City High (Emma Cooper, Ella Cook, Tiara Green, CeCe Kelly-Harvey) 4:16.59

Shuttle hurdle relay – 1. West High (Peyton Steva, Amy Liao, Matayia Tellis, Kitra Bell) 1:06.25; 2. City High (Jordan Sekafetz, Kate Swenning, Jae Dancer, Caroline Schaeckenbach) 1:07.04

4x100 – 1. City High (Emma Clark, Azzura Sartini-Rideout, Ayana Lindsey, Emma Cooper) 49.75; 2. Cedar Rapids Prairie 49.76; 6. West High (Katie Severt, Matayia Tellis, Peyton Steva, Isyss Shaw) 50.76

4x200 – 1. Western Dubuque 1:46.66; 2. City High (Emma Clark, Ayana Lindsey, Emma Cooper, Sydney DePrenger) 1:46.66; 6. West High (Mia Dillingham, Amy Liao, Leah Elliott, Doroteya Kiza) 1:55.97

4x400 – 1. Ottumwa 4:03.45; 2. Western Dubuque 4:06.01; 3. City High (Kinsee Brands, Sydney DePrenger, Tiara Green, CeCe Kelly-Harvey) 4:06.56; 6. West High (Katie Hoefer, Amy Liao, Erica Buettner, Kiara Malloy-Salgado) 4:20.17

4x800 – 1. Ottumwa 9:32.6; 2. West High (Kiara Malloy-Salgado, Erica Buettner, Katie Hoefer, Bailey Nock) 9:40.99; 3. City High (Kinsee Brands, Anna Lindower, Lillian Reynolds, CeCe Kelly-Harvey) 9:46.34

Long jump – 1. Kitra Bell (ICW) 17-5 ½; 2. Katie Severt (ICW) 17-2 ½; 4. Ayana Lindsey (ICH) 16-11; 6. Ella Cook (ICH) 16-1 3/4

High jump – 1. Jenna Wagemester (CRP) 5-1; 2. Erin McGrath (DH) 5-0; 5. Alia Vanderhoef (ICH) 4-10; 7. Kate Swenning (ICH) 4-8

Shot put – 1. Chandler Haight (ICW) 44-0 ½; 2. Salima Omari (ICW) 38-7  

Discus – 1. Chandler Haight (ICW) 117-10; 2. Alexie Little (ICW) 116-6; 7. Marie Jones (ICH) 99-2